Friday, June 6, 2014

Cell: Initial Thoughts

Yesterday was a slow day at work, so I began my first re-read of Stephen King's 2006 novel Cell. (Don't worry - reading at work is allowed!) I remembered me thinking after finishing my initial reading of it that I thought it was kinda crappy, which is something I hate feeling about any SK book . . . but no author is perfect. However, I had just finished Mr. Mercedes and wanted another fast-paced thriller from my main man Sai King, so Cell was up.

I'm happy to report I'm enjoying it much more this time around.

I guess I wasn't in the right frame of mind when I first read it - I was in eleventh grade, and in the middle of stressing over finals, if I remember correctly. Definitely not the right time to delve into any book. I was able to plow through 150 pages yesterday almost uninterrupted, and it was nice - who doesn't like being paid to read their favorite author? Ha. The characters are coming off the page a little more for me, whereas last time they just seemed like caricatures. That is especially true for Alice, the teenage girl in the story - last time, she got in the way for me, but now I see the point of her being.

I'll probably post a full-length review of Cell this weekend if I finish reading tonight, and if I get time to write it up before my vacation. I can definitely say that while the story is kind of cheesy b-movie horror material, it's a good deal of fun and I can't wait to tell you all about my experience with Clay, Tom, Jordan, Alice, The Head, and all those phone-crazies.

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